The life and work of Sejdi Dida

Sejdi Dida was born in Krumë of Hasit on 16 July 1942, to a poor farming family who had patriotic traditions. His father, Avdi Dida worked hard to support his family and to provide for his six children. In the year 1949, Sejdi Dida started his studies at his local primary school. His intelligence, adeptness and hunger for knowledge became evident from the very beginning. Poverty and hardship caused him to grow up ahead of his time. 
During the years 1953-1956 he finished his primary school with promising results. For Dida a new world of opportunities was unwinding. During the years 1956-1957 he started secondary school in the city of Shkodër. In the year 1958, Dida became a teacher in Shipshan of Tropoja. 
16 years old, inspiring, with good communication skills and kind to his students, he became popular not only among the knowledge thirsty youngsters, but also among the adults. When remembering these years he used to say: 

“Tropoja is full of brave and clever people. I miss being among those northerners. I would love to meet my students from Shipshan and talk to them again.” 

In January 1961, Dida was transferred from Tropoja for good reason. He was now mature and ready to justify the faith that the authorities had in him to appoint him headteacher in the primary school of Krumë. The 19-year-old Sejdi was given the heavy task of schooling the young boys and girls, preparing the science lessons for the teachers to solve problems. 
The fruits of his labour didn’t take long to ripen. In schools, in the streets, and in meetings, his name was mentioned with admiration. Even his elders called him ‘Sir’ out of respect. 
In the year 1963 Sejdi started his job as an educational superintendent for the Kukës region. Here he learned about the life and culture of the local area. He felt that he needed further qualifications, so on 1965 he completed his two-year study on the University of Shkodër for a degree in Albanian Language and Literature. Between 1965-1967, he worked as headteacher in the school of Shalqin
Here, on the banks of the White Drin, he taught the children the history and the beautiful language of Albania. He spoke respectfully about the Kosovan brothers. After finishing his military service in Korçë (1969), he worked as a headteacher in the primary school of Golaj for seven years. After his long travels, both satisfying and tiring, which stretched from the Tropojan Alps to the edge of Pashtrik Mountains, he returned to his hometown to be near his family, who needed him. 
In September 1976, he became a teacher for Albanian language and literature in the Secondary School of Krumë. His many travels, the conditions of a hard life, did not pass without leaving a sign on his health. Despite this Sejdi always looked enthusiastic and wore a smile on his face wherever he was and whomever he was with. Apart from his job Sejdi was also passionate about the traditions of the Has region. 
Hundreds of pages from his diary were filled with notes on local rituals, traditions and history. Articles published in local newspapers or scientific journals, and appearances in scientific sessions also show his enthusiasm. They show his interest for science. The discovery of traditions, and the composition of rare words and phrases in the Albanian language became the motto of his professional life. 
The quality of his work insured that he had the opportunity to publish articles in the magazines Our Language (Gjuha Jonë) and Thirst (Etja). Between 1984-1992 he continued working as a teacher in the primary school of Krumë
In September 1992, he became the director of the museum of Has. His fellow citizens, his colleagues and his pupils welcomed his appointment believing that the traditions of the Has region would become more evident under him, and would be useful in the education of the new generations. 
The museum would create the chance to explore the facts about the Has region from outside Albania. His collaboration with the magazine Thirst gave the locals the opportunity to read about local history. 
Sejdi Dida died on 19th August 1993, aged 51 and at the peak of his scientific and pedagogical creativity, leaving behind his plans of studying the traditions and history of the Has region which he loved.

" If we remain silent and do not explore the cultural traditions of Has everything will be forgotten and will be not the same as it once was"

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